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Questo is the platform for city exploration games. Tourists and locals can explore cities on their own by solving challenges that unlock new places and their stories.






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avg. rating




What is needed to create a game?

Anyone can create a game in Questo with no coding or writing experience needed.

Just follow the guidelines every step of the way. Before launching publicly, your quest will be reviewed, and you will receive feedback if needed.

No coding

Create by yourself
or with partners

Follow our


Three simple steps

Follow them to create a successful game.

1. Research

Upload your local research (route, pictures). Shouldn’t take more than two days.

2. Create

Add content for every chapter of your game: create challenges, write facts, design the storyline.

3. Test & Launch

Publish and test to get feedback from your friends and other real players. Once the game hits 50 gameplays and an avg. rating of 4.3, you will be able to publish the game for sale and start earning revenue.


How much can you earn?

Access to the game can be purchased through our direct app and website and partners’ channels - travel agencies, affiliates etc.

You will have access to a detailed monthly report for sales.

You will have access to a detailed monthly report for sales.


profit share

When your game is published, you start earning 75% of the profits your game generates in time.

The earnings are paid on a monthly basis if a minimum threshold of $100 is achieved.


Why are people playing Questo?

It’s oh-so-fun

Exploration was turned into a game. You’re not just simply visiting places and learning things, you’re the main character in an action real-world game.

Great value

Any traveler or local, even on a budget can easily afford to play Questo.

The game is ‘plug and play’

You can go from purchasing to playing in under a minute. No need to make reservations, await confirmation or stand in line.

No downtime

You can play at any hour. You can enjoy it by yourself or with friends, whenever you’re free.

Pause and restart

You can stop and stare, that’s what exploration is for. Just pause it, have some tea and get back to playing later.

It’s private

No need to join a group to play. Just open the app and go wild.


Why are creators making games?

Extra income

You can have another source of revenue, passive and long-term.

Complete creative freedom

You can put your own spin to it, make it crazy, funny, edgy, your choice.

It’s your game

You will contribute to a new form of creative media, something to be proud of, so you’re being credited as the creator on the platform.

We’re here for you

You won’t go at it alone, we are here to help you build and also sell your game.


Once the game is published, we help you with the promo

We provide:


We list and promote the game on multiple channels: Questo app & website, online travel agencies, fun & local platforms, etc.

Tech updates

The platform is constantly improved with new additions that your game can benefit from.

24/7 real-time assistance

The players can contact us directly anytime they have a question or need help.

Performance tracking

We constantly gather feedback and improve the game accordingly.


Our creators say

See what our creators think about working with us

Working with Questo has been a blast!I discovered so much about Rotterdam through the creation process that I suddenly felt like a tourist in my own city. Throughout the creative process, the Questo crew is always helpful, and simply pleasant to work with. From the start, I felt like being part of the team, which made me feel comfortable in reaching out whenever I ran into unexpected obstacles, as well as proposing “weird” or out-of-the-box story ideas. The crew definitely creates an atmosphere where writers can easily release their creative potential. — Dora, creator in Rotterdam, Hague and Delft
I love working with my Questo friends. I say friends because that's what they've become. They're a fabulous bunch of people to work with; really committed to doing great work and creating apps that bring joy. Which is even more important than ever right now. It's wonderful to read reviews and see how well our games have been received. — Lynda, two-time creator in Glasgow
Working with Questo has been a very rewarding experience for me. I loved the challenge of creating the game as it helped deepen my appreciation for the city I live in, and I’m grateful for the opportunity. From the beginning, Questo has been very professional in their dealings with me, and this continues until today, more than a year after my game’s launch. I really admire the company’s commitment to their product, and I look forward to collaborating with them again in the future. — Michelle, creator in Lyon

Who are Questo games for?


Groups of friends, families with kids and individual travelers can all enjoy a Questo game equally. If it’s their first time in the city or just revisiting.


The games are also built to be enjoyed by locals anytime during the week. There’s a new place and story to be discovered even by the most knowledgeable of them.


Looking for yet another activity to do with your colleagues? Join a game and race against the clock to discover a new face of the city together.

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